DrGraeme's Free LEGO NXT Robotics Tutorials for Beginners

These lessons are a set of video-based fun tutorials using LEGO's NXT MindStorms sets. You will learn to build little robots. You will learn how to teach these robots to obey your commands. You will solve puzzles and complete Challenges, all in a not-very-serious manner! If you want an overview of these Tutorials that we have been using for many years, click here (pdf).

New ideas are introduced in most tutorials, so starting at the top of the list and working down is a good idea. Let's start by using the left button on your mouse to click on the first item in the list so you can start building your first robot...

Building your first Robot.
Teaching your Robot to start moving.
Teaching your robot to move, smile and speak.
Building your second robot.
Going around the Moon.
A Robot Floor Cleaner.
A Child and a Candy Jar.
A Robot Tug-of-War.
Building your Third Robot.
Adding a Light Sensor to your third Robot.
Reminder - How to Calibrate your Light Sensor.
Robot SUMO!
Bull in the Ring...
Adding an Ultrasonic sensor to your third Robot.
SUMO using an Ultrasonic sensor?
Bull in the Ring using an Ultrasonic sensor?
Your Robot follows an edge.
Your Robot follows a line.
Adding a Touch Sensor to your third Robot.
Your Robot follows a Wall.

These tutorial are modified from the originals in http://www.DrGraeme.net.

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