Huonville Edge Followers 2010.

What happens when a whole lot of Robot Edge Followers are started at once?

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These videos appear with the kind permission of Miss Clare Neilson.

An Obedient Edge Follower!

What happens when an Edge Follower is told to stop?

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This student has combined the edge-following instructions from Challenge 24 (Around  the Edge) with the sound-sensor-using-instructions of Challenge 20 (A Child and a Lolly Jar) to produce a unique edge-following robot that stops edge-following when asked to!

This video is from an Adult Education workshop run for the Tasmanian Association for the Gifted, March 2011; the video is used with the permission of the participant and his parent.

Edge Following. - Tutorial 24 - NXT-G - LEGO MindStorms NXT -