Calibrating Your Robot's Light Sensor.

Turn off silver 

In the previous web page, we wanted our Robot to turn to the left until the light sensor left the silver portion of the arena and arrived over the black arena. To be able to tell when we reached the black area, we would need the light sensor to be able to detect the difference between the light and dark sections of the arena.

Why Calibrate your Robot's Light Sensors? 

Lighting conditions change from room to room - some rooms have very bright light, and some others can be quite dark. To allow for these differences, we need to calibrate the light sensors used by our Robots.

How to Read Light Sensor Values.

To see a video demonstration of reading light sensor values, (broadband click here), (dialup click here). 

To go to the next step in teaching your Robot to follow the edge of the arena,  click here.

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