Back to Earth.

Can we get the instructions right to get our imitation space probe back to Earth, or will it suffer the same fate as the first living mammal to orbit the Earth, the female Soviet Space Dog Laika (click here)?

Let us add a third motor command. This command is designed to take the Robot straight back to its starting point on Earth.


The command panel for this motor command could be as follows:-


To see a demonstration of how to add in these commands, (click here broadband) or (click here dialup)


Have you been successful in getting your Space Probe Robot back to Earth?

If your answer is Yes - congratulations! You might like to try the next Challenge. You can select the next Challenge by clicking on the menu item at the bottom of the list to the left of this web page.

If your answer is No - you might like to chat to your Teacher/Mentor about what happened...

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