Leaving Earth...


To leave Earth we need to go forwards about (in my case) 60 cms. (2 feet).

To find out the  number of wheel rotations needed to achieve this, we can use string to measure the distance, and wind it around the wheels to find the number of rotations, just as we did in a previous Challenge.

If you have a calculator and a ruler, you can also use an alternative method. Measure the diameter of your Robot's wheels (in my case 55 mms), multiply this by pi (approximately 3.14) to calculate the circumference of your wheel (in my case approximately 173 mms) and divide this into the length you want to teach your Robot to go (in my case 60 cms. = 600 mms., 600/173=3.47); that is, we need approximately 3 1/2 turns of my Robot's wheels for the Robot to go forward 60 cms.

The commands that will teach our Robot to do this are:-

with a command panel:-

To see a demonstration of teaching our Robot, (broadband click here), (dialup click here).

To see how to teach our Robot Ambassador to go around the moon, click here.

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